To provide an overview of the data gathered with the questionnaires about the reviewed digital resources, which all the reviewers have filled out, we have created charts summarizing the answers to all the questions in quantitative terms. The samples, of course, are still too small to allow for insights that are significant in statistical terms, but nonetheless they offer a more general overview than the individual factsheets that accompany each review in RIDE.

The data is extracted from the TEI files of the reviews, in which the results of the questionnaires are contained. To get insight into the underlying data, you can download TEI files of individual reviews, of whole RIDE issues, or of all the reviews together on GitHub.

So far, there are 50 reviews with 51 filled out questionnaires for Digital Scholarly Editions, which have been evaluated for the charts.


Is it easily possible to describe the project bibliographically along the schema "responsible editors, publishing/hosting institution, year(s) of publishing"?

Are the contributors (editors, institutions, associates) of the project fully documented?

Does the project list contact persons?

Is the selection of materials of the project explicitly documented?

Is the selection by and large reasonable?

Does the documentation include information about the long term sustainability of the basic data (archiving of the data)?

Are the aims and purposes of the project explicitly documented?

Are the methods employed in the project explicitly documented?

Does the project document which data model (e.g. TEI) has been used and for what reason?

Does the project offer help texts concerning the use of the project?

Does the project supply citation guidelines (i.e. how to cite the project or a part of it)?

Does the editon regard itself as a completed project (i.e. not promise further modifications and additions)?

Does the project provide information about institutional support for the curation and sustainability of the project?


Has the material been previously edited (in print or digitally)?

Does the edition make use of these previous editions?

Does the project offer an introduction to the subject-matter (the author(s), the work, its history, the theme, etc.) of the project?

Does the project offer a bibliography?

Does the project offer a scholarly commentary (e.g. notes on unclear passages, interpretation, etc.)?

Does the project include or link to external resources with contextual material?

Does the project offer images of digitised sources?

Does the project offer images of an acceptable quality?

Is the text fully transcribed?

Does the project offer texts of an acceptable quality (typos, errors, etc.)?

Does the project feature compilations indices, registers or visualisations that offer alternative ways to access the material?

Which kinds of documents are at the basis of the project?

What era(s) do the documents belong to?

Which perspective(s) do the editors take towards the edited material? How can the edition be classified in general terms?

Does the project offer any spin-offs?

Access modes

By which categories does the project offer to browse the contents?

Does the project offer a simple search?

Does the project offer an advanced search?

Does the search support the use of wildcards?

Does the search offer an index of the searched field?

Does the search offer autocompletion or suggest functionalities?

Does the project offer help texts for the search?

Aims and methods

Who is the intended audience of the project?

Which type fits best for the reviewed project?

In how far is the text critically edited?

Is the data encoded in XML?

Is the project employing a standardized data model (e.g. TEI)?

Which kinds or forms of text are presented?

Technical accessability

Are there persistent identifiers and an addressing system for the edition and/or parts/objects of it and which mechanism is used to that end?

Are there technical interfaces like OAI-PMH, REST etc., which allow the reuse of the data of the project in other contexts?

Is the edition Open Access?

Is the basic data (e.g. the XML) of the project accessible for each part of the edition (e.g. for a page)?

Can the entire raw data of the project be downloaded (as a whole)?

Can you use the data with other tools useful for this kind of content?

Are the rights to (re)use the content declared?

Under what license are the contents released?